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April 13, 2011
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MegamanTribute-Zero Tollerance by MatiasSoto MegamanTribute-Zero Tollerance by MatiasSoto

Ok, I think I've waited long enough, I know that the Capcom guys are having the most obvious reasons to be delayed on revising the winners of :iconudoncrew: 's Megaman Tribute, but it's been almost two months from the scheduled deadline and lot of people already put their entries online because the rules in the contest don't prohibit it.

So , here it is! I hope you guys like it, it's a scene where I tried to develop something that most of the fans assume but it's yet to be shown on any official game/anime/manga (to the best of my knowledge at least): the gap between the original Rockman/Megaman series and the X series.


It's revealed during the 4th and 5th episodes of the X series (and Megaman Power Fighters 2) that Zero is actually a creation of Dr. Wily and quite possible the origin of the Mavericks and the Sigma Virus. And that he was created before X and was created by Wily to destroy Rock, so I though of this final epic chapter for the original saga where Zero was unleashed by Willy to destroy Megaman. I know it's a bit darker than the original series but I guess it needs to be to fit the tone of the X series.

Here Zero is totally unstoppable by Megaman and his allies, and Bass/Forte isn't gonna let another one to take" his place as the number 1 robot"(he says so in his ending in MM PF 2) so I figured he would also team up against Zero. Wily says he created Zero by mere accident, so I guess it would be cool if he couldn't control it, but was pleased enough that Zero would still target what he was programmed to destroy. I thought that probablly Zero himself would be the one to kill Dr. Wily, but I wasn't that sure of it so I just played it ambigous and simply omit him in the illustration(he was there in my original inked lineart).

To raise the stakes, the first robot to confront him would be Blues/Protoman who fought bravelly but was destroyed(in a a desperate attack he attempted to use his unstable core to blow Zero up along with him, but it was no use), that way Megaman founds his dying brother and swore to avenge him, and carried his shield and used the rest of his ripped scarf as armband as a sign of mourning and respect.

Then Zero would battle Bass but after taking a fair amount of damage Megaman comes to assit him. The final battle ensues, and Rock and Bass uses all their power by fusing with their pets(Rush an Treble) and it's still not enough and they are forced to retreat to Dr. Light's lab, which Zero was more than pleased to destroy since it was one his other targets. Now among the debris of Dr. Light's lab they fight 'till the end!!

Ok, I got a little bit carried away but while I was deciding what to do the tribute I started thinking about this great franchise and how much I've enjoyed it and how much big was for my childhood and teenage years, that to have the opportunity to take even this little participation on the MM Universe was a chance I wanted to make the most of it, to give it something other that just having characters posing or doing daily stuff, I wanted to tell a story. I hope that most of it could be convey by just watching the image, but just in case you have the description here to know the full story :)

It was done traditionally with pencils and inks, and later colored and cleaned on PS CS2. The designs are closer to the style used on the MM7 and X series to help set the tone for the story and the image.The lab design was inspired by the designs in MM7 (check the little Eddy's in one the walls, that's straight from the sprites :)), plus some needed modernization and bit more realistic arquitecture.

For the exact moment, I thought it something like those end chapter scenes animes had when it ended in a action cliffhanger, because I imagined this whole thing like an OVA or something like the "Day of Sigma" OVA was, I would totally buy this (if you don't love your stuff who would, right?:XD:). God I would love to make a manga out of that!! :iconimhappyplz:

Ok, that was a lot but I figured MM fans would be intrigued the story behind this, and this is better than answering individually. I hope you dig it!

EDIT 1: Oh, what to know some backstage stuff? I listened to this great piece of art like a hundred times while doing this to get the mood I was after : [link] such a powerful composition!

EDIT 2:Since a bunch of people already commented on the facts of Zero's sword, it thought of doing him without it, but I figured that is one of his most iconic features and it would be anti-climatic to having him without it(also Zero had blue and green swords too, but I choose this color 'cause I felt it was more menacing).

EDIT3: I re-did a bunch of stuff, this might be the final version for this.

Hola! Esta es mi entrada completa al Tributo a Megaman de :iconudoncrew:, me estuve conteniendo de publicarla pero ya se pasó casi dos meses de la fecha estipulada decidí no esperar mas. Estoy conciente de que la gente de Capcom debe tener cosas bastante mas importantes que hacer con toda la tragedia que ha sufrido su pais el último mes, pero en las reglas del concurso solamente decia que se "sugeria" a los participantes mantener el secreto y como ya varios subieron sus imagenes a DA supongo q no habrá problema si subo la mia.

Y en el comentario en inglés de arriba expliqué toda la historia detrás de la imagen, pero ahora me da flojera redactar nuevamente eso, espero que no se enojen pero he notado q la gran mayoria en DA sabe al menos algo de inglés. Capaz q otro dia la traduzco...

Fue hecho a lapices y tintas de la manera antigua y pintado y pulido en PS CS2. Espero que les haya gustado! :)
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Ieyke Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Zero doesn't have a Z-Saber until he's rebuilt in X2, and then I'm fairly certain it's Sigma's old beamsaber (as seen in the first Sigma fight) rebuilt. And it's green.

Also, this never happened.
Zero was never activated until after X was.
MatiasSoto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Dude , chill.

If you read the original comment you would know why I did it this way...
Cyriani Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Erk... awe...some. Run while you still can! xD Also, it was deconfirmed that Zero killed any of the MM classic characters, but we can still dream, right? In fact, my friends and I are working on an apocalyptic "what if" story about Zero, Rock, Bass, Wily, Light, Roll, X, Cossack, Axl, and everyone else from MM10 down. Note: Insane Zero kills a lot of people.
MatiasSoto Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Decomfirmed? How so? I know Capcom kinda avoided such a grim ending for the more "wholesome" classic series, but there isn't actually an ending and there are hints of it the story of X series, so I still see it's plausible . But yeah, it's just my theory to have fun with it as a fan :)
I wish I could actually draw it as a manga but I ain't got time for that these days :v
Cyriani Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
Keiji Inafune said it himself during an interview. This leads to a whole lot of fan theories. One of my friends and I's running gags is that whenever one of the Mega Man characters (including Rock himself) mysteriously disappears, he or she goes off to become Duo's apprentice. But yeah, stories and art are fun, and do is imagination. Especially with the Mega Man universe. So many mysteries! I want to explore them all! Anyways, good luck with all your art! ;)
MatiasSoto Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I think I've read what you're talking about, I think it's on R20 artbook , but rather than saying it's not possible I think he was trying to have the final say of his character to avoid fanon taking over the official canon :D However, since he's off capcom since some years now, I wonder if those comments still stand today. There's even rumors about Nintendo buying Megaman these days. Who knows what the future for the franchise is today. I thought the Megamix and Gigamix manga stories where awesome, and it does have sort of an ending, I wish they would let Hitoshi Ariga do an ending for the classic saga transitioning to X saga, I bet it would rock!
Thanks so much for all the nice comments :)
ebrahim111 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Dude, this is a GENIUS idea!!!


I hope I get to see more stuff like this sometime soon!! :) (Smile) 
MatiasSoto Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I've been wanting to some more illustrations of Megaman series but I've been busy.
And  to be honest I wish I could do a an official manga for develop that story in all extent and glory I imagined(it would be something of one my greatest dream to a megaman comic), but that is most likely never going to happen unless I do it as a doujinshi, because the only officially sanctioned comic of Megaman is more geared toward a younger audience so I doubt that in the very unlikely case I could do a comic for them, they wouldn't let the kind of story I created be released :P
jeffblacklight Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
en realidad este enfrentamento nunca podria haberse dado, willy sello a zero en una camara porque no pudo controlarlo y Zero casi lo mata, por lo que lo dejo ahi para que no fuera una amenaza, Zero en realidad fue creado antes que X, y X tiene un parte que a Zero no le istalaron hasta que fue liberado y sigma lo derroto en el futuro, que era un chip de auto-control el cual se lo instala el Dr. Cain (en pocas palabras apesar de ser creacion de Willy, Zero siempre estuvo incompleto)
MatiasSoto Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Hmm, hasta donde tengo entendido lo único que es canon es que efectivamente el Dr.Wily selló a Zero, pero nunca dicen cuando o como.
Y si, X fue creado después de Zero, pero no sé que tiene que ver con esta historia tampoco.
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